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FRIDAY - 12/8/17 - Whitlows Arlington, VA

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ODEON is a Washington DC based cover band featuring a mashed-up set list filled with chart topping medleys to keep any dance floor full. ODEON is unlike typical traditional cover bands, and rivals any Club DJ with the authentic live dance music that you love... and even the music you are too ashamed to admit that you love. We ain't ashamed to play it...but maybe should be? (Beiber)

Members of ODEON are comprised from DC area's veteran cover bands The Congress, The Reflex, Slipdisk, Back To Zero and The Fuzz, and ODEON's versatile playlist spans multiple decades with today's Top 40 hits, nostalgic 2000's pop, and old school hip-hop jams of yesteryear. Comprised of professionals in the audio recording industry, ODEON's sound is executed with the technical precision to make the band's live performance of dance club music possible. So...we're tech nerds...either way....check us out! 

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